Sunday, February 20, 2011

Whidbey Island and other good things

Just got back from Whidbey of the greatest places in the world, in my opinion!!  Was a beautiful weekend, sunny but cold.  Had great family time, and it was MUCH needed!  My aunt lives just across the street from the water, so taking a walk down to the beach is a breeze...the Pacific Northwest has some of the most unique views and landscapes I have ever seen.  You walk down to the beach, and while you're looking at the water, in the distance you can see the peaks of the Cascade Mountains, covered in snow.  Beautiful!!

I was also lucky enough to come home tonight to a bouquet of flowers, that arrived here while I was gone :) I couldn't tell you when the last time I had flowers delivered to my door was, and it was just the BEST surprise!!!

Exciting news - my brother is getting married!!  He proposed to Silvia a couple fo weeks ago, and we all could not be more thrilled.  They are thinking about an October wedding in South Carolina, and that is a great time of year in the south!

ALSO very exciting is that our friend Ainsley is getting married!!  She and her fiance Tim have the most wonderful story, and this is such an exciting time.  Ainsley asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next January in just the cutest way - she mailed me a note, with a picture of Britney Spears' wedding party on it, and said I would NOT have to wear one of the pink jumpsuits if I said yes - obviously, I was in.  Was so honored to be asked!!!  Excited to take on this bridesmaid role with Jackie Bies :)

I also am one month into my new job - and I love it!!  I am so lucky to have joined my new team, and I am getting the chance to take on new challenges and pretty much have a go at my dream job - I am so thankful :) I love Nike!!

Lastly - Jackie Bies, this post was for you.