Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shaun the Sheep

Forgot to mention...one of the funniest things I have come across in awhile was in England - a television show there called "Shaun the Sheep". It is about Shaun, a sheep, and his life on the farm - no talking, very short, 10 minute episodes, kind of like Wallace and Grommit.  I believe it is meant to be a children's show - however, I came across it on our very good family friend's Tivo, recorded every day. I won't share his age.  The show is very cute though, check it out: http://www.shaunthesheep.com/


Saturday, December 18, 2010


My little sister Kate is all grown up and living in the big city!! She got a job this summer after she graduated from school, and she is now a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago.  It was her dream to land a job in the Windy City, she set her mind to it and she made it there, which is pretty impressive!!  She lives in Lincoln Park, a fantastic neighborhood that is about a 5-minute walk to the lake and has a great view of the skyline.  I flew out to visit her during the first weekend in December, so the entire city was decorated in Christmas lights, it was beautiful.  I tried to learn the bus system but failed, and I also have decided that I will never complain that 40 degrees is cold again. EVER. I have never felt cold like I did on the shore of Lake Michigan in December.  It did snow while I was there, and that was so pretty to see!!

I am very proud of my little sister and everything she is doing now that she's in the "real world" - and I can't wait to get back and visit in the SUMMER and head to the beach on the lake!!